Outdoor PTZ Camera, SONY CCD Sensor, 700TVL, 10x Optical Zoom.
  • Outdoor PTZ Camera, SONY CCD Sensor, 700TVL, 10x Optical Zoom. - Image 1
  • - High performance and stability. ARM design.
  • - PELCO-D, PELCO-P control protocol.
  • - Precise operation of smooth electrode unit.
  • - RS-485 Standard Serial Interface.
  • - Boundlessly variable continuous speed, without any blind areas.
  • - Auto identification Baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600.
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outdoor ptz camera, sony ccd sensor, 700tvl, 10x optical zoom.
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Price for all 3: $384.97
  • Metal vandalproof PTZ camera with high image quality and resolution, different settings for surveillance, and remote monitoring with an average speed of PAN / TIL / ZOOM lens and auto focus. Available in white.

    Top of the line equipment regarding sensor and driver technology.

    This equipment, designed for outdoors, can be easily installed. Its resolution, sensitivity and wide opening angle are perfect for monitoring stores, offices, shops, warehouses and anywhere with little or no lighting.

    For best results, regarding image quality, use our servers and digital video recorders (DVR). See this camera online through any of our recording systems.

    Main features:
    - Its ARM design gives it a high performance and stability. Setting data will not be lost when powered-off.
    - Precise operation of smooth electrode unit, accurate positioning.
    - Boundlessly variable continuous speed of 360° pan, tilt turning (180° auto flip), without any blind area.
    - Auto identification PELCO-D, PELCO-P control protocol.
    - Auto identification Baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600.
    - 255 broadcast addresses and 0 Invalid address, convenient control.
    - Software address, software Baud rate, software protocol function, convenient setting.
    - 256 preset positions, 5 automatic programmable cruising functions which can store up to 32 presets, including guarding point, cruising group.
    - 4 tracking records, 8 privacy protecting areas, and 8 area indications, etc.
    - 3 different optional speed cruising functions.
    - RS-485 Standard Serial Interface.

    Power adapter included.

    Cover what's in front of you with Pan-Tilt
    Cover what's in front of you with Pan-Tilt
    With pan-tilt feature (panning referring to horizontal movement of the lens and tilting to vertical movement), you can control the movement of the camera from a remote location by using controls on an Internet browser or software application. Cover large areas when used for security monitoring or recording without any user input, especially overnight.
    The vandal-proof provides robust protection from vandalism. If the camera has integrated housing shields from dust and water, it will be allowed to be applied in the harsh weather conditions of outdoor environments as well. A vandal-proof camera is a camera and housing intended to resist vandalism, making sure the camera will continue to operate in conditions where people attempt to break it or impair its function.
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Rely on our current and advanced technology by using any top-of-line wireless sensing device for remotely monitoring your goods or property from everywhere, every time. Be able to manipulate your security system through a simple click and have it all watched like you were nearby.
    Do not lose track of anything, especially when an irregular event occurs. The autofocus technology offers you a new alternative in terms of surveillance systems since you can keep track of a particular object or person without causing disruptions in case the suspect is moving towards or away from you.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Outdoor PTZ Camera, SONY CCD Sensor, 700TVL, 10x Optical Zoom.
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-630-C10G
    Resolution 700TVL
    Sensor SONY Super HAD II CCD
    Effective pixels 795*596
    Video output 1.0Vp-p
    Lens 3.8mm~38mm (F1.8~4.2)
    Zoom Optical: 10x
    Auto Iris Yes
    Viewing angle 95° ~ 10°
    Privacy protection 8 areas
    PTZ Control RS-485
    Communication protocol PELCO-D, PELCO-P (Automatic identification)
    Baud rate 2400 / 4800 / 9600bps (Automatic identification)
    Preset 256 Presets
    Patrol track 5 (Editable)
    Pattern tracking record 4
    Decoder Yes
    Auto-scan 2
    Scanning limit 359° adjustable
    Rotation range Horizontal: 360°continuous overturn
    Vertical: 90°~180°
    Rotation speed Horizontal:
    Medium Speed: 0.1°~120°/s
    High Speed: 0.05°~240°/s
    Medium Speed: 0.5°~50°/s
    High Speed: 0.1°~150°/s
    Area-indicative function 8
    Guarding position 3-254 seconds (settable)
    Auto-control of focal speed Control speed automatically according to the length of focal length
    Auto-overturn Yes
    Address code Hardware configuration and software configuration
    Operation temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
    14ºF ~ 122ºF
    Working humidity <90% (No Condensing)
    Power supply DC 12V
    Power consumption 18W
    Color White
    Size 8.27(H) * 6.70(D) inches
    Weight 2.57 pounds
    Synchronizing system Internal
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