Control Joystick for PTZ Cameras black color
  • Control Joystick for PTZ Cameras black color - Image 1
  • - Joystick for PTZ cameras.
  • - Support multi protocol Pelco D/P
  • - Metal joystick.
  • - Controls iris, focus and zoom.
  • - Equipped with 3D key and LCD screen.
  • - Available in black.
  • Manual devices of complementary use of security system that go connected to computer and/or camera, whose functionality allows you to control manually the movement?s commands and configurations of your PTZ cameras.

    Multiprotocol RS-485 driver, easy to use. It 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps communication rates.

    It can be compatible with all types of protocols. Controls iris, focus and zoom. Run various types of preset. Equipped with 3D navigation key and LCD screen that can display the current operation command, the control protocol name, the current id of the dome, the current id and monitor the state of the joystick. Current 9v to 12v. Available in black.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Control Joystick for PTZ Cameras black color
    Brand Linemak
    Model LS-783MKB
    PTZ Control RS485
    Baud rate 1200bps / 2400bps / 4800bps / 9600bps / 19200bps
    Compatible camera 31 cameras
    Power supply DC 9-12V
    Color Black
    Size 6.69 (L) * 5.12 (H) * 4.33 (W) inches
    Weight 1.27 pounds

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