Centralized Power Source 18-Ch
  • Centralized Power Source 18-Ch - Image 1
  • - Power supply centralized.
  • - Input: AC100~240V.
  • - Output: DC 12V/30A.
  • - With US AC cable.
  • - Metal casing.
  • - Each channel is protected with 2Amp.
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Price for all 2: $102.98
  • Electronic device, designed to transform the alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) through a rectifier , a fuse and other elements that facilitate receipt electricity , in addition to regulate it , filter it and adapt it according to the requirements of the intended product feed.

    Our power supply, brand LineMak, protect your security system from possible irregularities in the voltage.

    Main features:
    - Metal casing.
    - Input: AC100-240V.
    - Output: DC 12V/30A.

    With US AC cable.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Centralized Power Source 18-Ch
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-P1218-30APTC
    Operation temperature -25ºC to 30ºC
    Storage temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
    Power supply DC 12V/30A
    Working voltage AC100 - 240V / 50HZ - 60HZ
    Color White
    Size 3.15 (L) * 10.24 (H) * 10.63 (W) inches
    Weight 6.89 pounds

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