Power Supply Centralized 18CH DC 12V/30A
  • Power Supply Centralized 18CH DC 12V/30A - Image 1
  • - Power supply centralized.
  • - Output: DC 12V/30A.
  • - Input: AC100~240V.
  • - With US AC cable.
  • Electronic device that transform the AC to CC through a rectifier, a fuse and others elements that help the reception of electricity, besides of regulate it, filter it and adapt it by the need of the product that pretend to feed.

    Our power supply, brand LineMak, protect your security system from possible irregularities in the voltage.

    Main features
    Input: AC100~240V.
    Output: DC 12V/30A.

    With US AC cable.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Power Supply Centralized 18CH DC 12V/30A
    Brand Linemak
    Model LS-PCP1218-30A
    Operation temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
    Storage temperature -40ºC to -85ºC
    Working humidity Humidity Operating: 20% to 80%
    Storage and transport: 10% to 93%
    Atmosphere pressure 86 to 106kpa
    Power supply 12V / 30a
    Input condition 90 - 250ac 50 to 60hz
    Minimun adjust range of potentiometer 3%
    Stabilized voltage accuracy <=1%
    Load stability <=1%
    Voltage stability <=5%
    Ripple and noise <=150mv
    Excursion <=2%
    Efficiency >=80%
    Hold time >=20ms
    Short-circuit Protection Automatically Restore
    Noise <=55db
    Input inrush current 50 Times less than the standard value of the input current
    Power factor >=0.55
    Transient recovery time >=50ms
    EMC Meet the qualification of national grade B even grade A as required
    Withstand voltage project in-out 2500vac / 1min
    in: 2500vac / 1min
    out: 1500vac / 1min
    Leakage current <=3.5ma
    Insulation resistance in-out, in, out Each 500vdc more, Insulation resistance will be all>=500mw
    PTC protection 2A
    Size 7.87 (L) * 2.76 (H) 17.32 (W) inches
    Weight 6.21 pounds
    Certificates CCC,CE,UL,IEC
    Reliability Trouble-Free working time is higher than an average of 30.000 hours

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