25mm lens ideal for infrared cameras
  • 25mm lens ideal for infrared cameras - Image 1
  • - 25mm board lens.
  • - 1/3" sensor: Viewing angle 11°.
  • - 1/4" sensor: Viewing angle 9°.
  • - Plastic lens.
  • The LineMak board lens is a complementary product that suits your surveillance system perfectly. Theses fixed lenses are meant for almost every type of security camera and can be easily adapted to the design of the camera you intend to use it with.

    The shape of our lenses do not stick out the camera, which means, you will be able to mount it anywhere without worrying about the installation or guard location of your CCTV system.

    We also offer you a wide lineup of fixed board lens models ranging from 2.1mm to 25mm.

    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • 25mm lens ideal for infrared cameras
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-L025M
    Color Black
    Size 0.79 (L) * 0.59 (H) * 0.59 (W) inches
    Weight 0.18 ounces
    Material Plastic

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